A New Digital Foundation for Lean Manufacturing

Decision Flow, a powerful new software solution built for complex manufacturing environments, seamlessly integrates the fundamentals of lean production into daily operations and material management processes.  Picking up where traditional ERP leaves off, Decision Flow offers side-by-side comparisons of actual and optimal conditions throughout the supply chain, bringing new levels of visibility that help eliminate excess inventory, reduce working capital and get products to market on time.

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    Fully integrated tools and training that maximize effectiveness

  • icon_comparisons

    Direct and ongoing “should state/actual state” comparisons

  • icon_real-time-planning

    Real-time production planning, management and execution

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    Ideal for high mix/low volume manufacturing environments

  • icon_identify-constrains

    New and powerful solution to identify and manage constraints

  • icon_material-exceptions

    Exposes material exceptions and increases throughput visibility

  • icon_integrate-erp-solutions

    Integrates easily with all ERP solutions

How We Do It

Who We Are

Ed Hoffman
President and CEO

Douglas Senecal
Vice President and COO

Phil Engert
Chief Technology Officer

Justin Self
Director of Customer Success

“With Decision Flow, my team is now making better decisions on the factory floor which has resulted in increased On-Time-Delivery to our customers.”

“In a low volume high mix environment, Decision Flow is critical to creating flow in my factory.   It’s night and day different from traditional shop floor control systems.”

“Finally, a fully integrated solution of software, process and tools that I’m able to use to improve performance across my operations.”

“If you have inventory challenges, this is the tool for you.   We reduced our Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory dramatically in a very short time.”


999 Riverview Drive
Totowa, NJ 07512


About Decision Flow

U.S.-based and headquartered in New Jersey, Decision Flow is a leading provider of operations execution software for the Aerospace and Industrial markets. Our proprietary software solution optimizes flow throughout the value stream, minimizing inventory levels while increasing product output. Our industry expertise, combined with advanced analytics technology, offers our customers new levels of efficiency and an unparalleled competitive advantage.