Phil Engert

Chief Technology Officer

Focused on Information Technology for over 30 years, Phil brings considerable skill and diverse industry experience to Decision Flow.  With roots in application development and database design to networking and infrastructure services, Phil has driven countless digital transformations.

Upon graduation, Phil worked in Aerospace as a Thermal Process Engineer making turbine castings for jet engines.  Later promoted to oversee thermal processing, he developed database applications to streamline operations for work instructions, part/process tracking and metallurgical test compliance.

Phil then moved to the publishing industry, with technology leadership roles both at the business unit level and later in corporate IT. He transitioned mid-range systems to microcomputer networks, migrating data processing to SQL databases, reducing costs and enabling new product development.  He digitized the full publishing workflow, introducing new tools across the design, editorial and production departments; ultimately eliminating the usage of film for considerable cost savings. Later in corporate IT, Phil focused on large infrastructure projects to improve security, consolidate data centers and automate monitoring to improve service availability.

Prior to Decision Flow, Phil led IT at a national vocational school. He upgraded ERP systems and key integrations with Sales and Marketing services. He consolidated data centers, leveraging both infrastructure and application virtualization, along with commercial cloud services, to modernize infrastructure. Phil also led the development of analytic systems, exchanging data via APIs, used to optimize digital ad spend for sales conversion.

Experience and/or areas of expertise

  • Applications Development & Deployment
  • Database Design, Management & Integration
  • IT Infrastructure Delivery & Management – Virtualized and Cloud
  • ITIL Best Practices Implementation
  • Technology Leadership & Team Development

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“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”
– Steve Jobs