Justin Self

Director of Customer Success

Justin has over 15 years of experience in industrial engineering, continuous improvement, and data analytics within the aerospace and defense industries. Justin worked on a variety of programs as an industrial engineer, implementing lean principles to increase velocity, modeling capacity to balance resources, and identifying inventory opportunities to optimize cash flow.

Prior to Decision Flow, Justin began as an Industrial Engineer for Vought Aircraft, initially assigned to a new SAP implementation and facilities resource planning. He understood standardization is the key component of error proofing and developed tools within Excel and Access using VBA scripts to simplify repeatable tasks within the organization. He continued to expand his skillset and eventually developed data solutions across the enterprise.  His unique understanding of data at the shop floor, and his ability to reliably translate it to executives or customers, allow him to effectively integrate a powerful solution such as Decision Flow.

Experience and/or areas of expertise

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Data Analysis & Automation
  • Lean Production
  • Plant Layout Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • ERP System Implementation

I enjoy going for walks and playing softball.

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“The key to maximizing throughput is having everyone moving in the same direction.  Decision Flow does this by coaching effective prioritization disciplines and improving communication between departments.”