Edward Hoffman

President and CEO

Ed brings nearly three decades of industry leading experience in operations management and information systems to Decision Flow. Ed was instrumental in bringing the first full SAP ERP deployment to aerospace and defense when he was working for Lockheed Martin. Ed was also leading implementation of Lean Manufacturing in nontraditional aerospace environments such as Space systems and other low volume operations.  This unique blend of IT and Operations shaped Ed’s belief in creating a truly unique and needed solution to enable the digitization of Lean.

Prior to starting Decision Flow, Ed founded Competitive Business Solutions, a management consulting firm, to provide unique strategic solutions to help companies achieve world-class operational performance, profitability and long-term growth. Ed has broad operations experience in both functional and executive/managerial roles as well as an extensive background in implementing lean transformation initiatives across entire business units.

Experience and/or areas of expertise

  • Lean Production System and Transformations
  • Plant Layout and Product Flow
  • Change Management
  • Operations Execution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • S&OP (Process, Capacity, Supply & Demand Planning)
  • ERP System Implementation
  • Project Management

I’m a continuous learner, especially when it comes to training my chocolate Labrador, Charlie.

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It’s not about great software, which we have; it’s about enabling a business to make better decision every day to improve customer satisfaction and top line business performance.